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Sue Ellen

I would like to wish ALL my SYD mothers a Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy your day however you will be celebrating and remember the next day you can get back on track.... I am sending each one a flower. Be Blessed !

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  Shari (CE) Replied:

Thank you!! Happy Mother's Day to you too!!

  Mags Replied:

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers, grandmothers, godmothers... just everyone!! enjoy your day!!

  Pinkdream Replied:

Happy Mother's Day to all the SYD mothers! Thanks for the flower Sue Ellen! Beautiful!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Happy mommy's day to you all!! Thank you Sue Ellen for the flower and I send you one back.

  Diane Replied:

Beautiful...and hapy mothers day back.

  Shirley Replied:

How sweet...thank you!

  Sue Ellen Replied:

Thank you all for your wishes as well. The day did end on me taking my husband to the emergency room at our local hospital. We were sorting through boxes to get ready for a yard sale this month and he put his hand down in a box which had a letter opener that had a razor blade type on it and he cut part of his finger off at the tip. He was bleeding alot but did not get any stitches as the Dr. said there was nothing there to stitch. It is covered and I am concern on what we will see when after a few days we take the bandage off. Of course he went to work today but thank God it is an easy task for him.....he just called me and was doing ok. Thanks for your prayers.

  Pinkdream Replied:

Oh my Sue Ellen! Prayers for quick healing for your husband.

  CraftyGamma Replied:

Thank you, Sue Ellen, for the wishes. My prayers for your husbands speedy recovery I am sure that when the bandages come off that it will not look very bad. It always looks bad while it is bleeding.

  Sue Ellen Replied:

Went to the Drs. today for my hubby and he said his finger looks pretty good as it is healing under the skin and will take a few weeks more. Still sore to the touch but thanks for all your concerns.xo

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  Anonymous Replied:

Thank you.

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