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Sue Ellen

Wanted to share this with all and pray it will be a blessing and a help on your journey to weight loss.

1. Have a definite goal or purpose
2. Attach to the objective and detach from distractions.
3. Pursue your goal with diligence.
4. Be consistent about seeking your objective daily.
5. Practice self-control.
6. Say "no" to hindrances
7. Accept failures as opportunities to start again.

The last is where I hang out alot with what I say are failures. However they are NOT. They should be lessons to learn something from so we can start again on our way. So, my "CLASSY LADIES" and any others who may read....Be Blessed this new day GOD has given you and onward we go!

  Diane Replied:

This is great and exactly what I needed this morning...thank you

  Pinkdream Replied:

Thanks for sharing! Very timely for me!

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  Anonymous Replied:

Thanks Sue Ellen. I seem to be "starting over" all the time. Just trying to keep on track one day at a time!

  kc Replied:

Love this. I am printing it out and putting it on the refrigerator door. Thank you!

  CraftyGamma Replied:

Ok today hasn't been so disciplined. While making cupcakes with my grandson for his party I snacked onthe icing let inthe icing bags, on the knife and spoon, my hands, and in the icing containers. Also had sprinkles with some of the icing.

But I hope that as the day goes on it will get better. We are eating at Golden Corral for his birthday dinner. Can I make the right choices?

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