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losing 100 pounds +


What does losing 100 pounds feel like and look like in your life?

need specifics for motivation.

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  Tick Tock Replied:

I can try to answer, although I'm still shy of it by 11 pounds, but getting there. I came here and reached my all time high around New Years Day a couple years ago. I was in a wheelchair from a weight related injury. I was so helpless, too heavy to carry myself around in crutches, so there I sat. Help with showering, changing clothes, etc. I decided that I could decide for myself what to eat and not to eat!

I am becoming a brand new person now! I wake up with so much energy, whereas I used to sit up and sip coffee for a couple hours before finding my motivation before. Now I do things WITH my coffee! LOL.

I sleep better, and I've been told I don't snore anymore, much to the happiness of my entire family! I don't stack things up at the bottom of the stairs to take up 'later' (which usually meant sending my kids up with the stuff after school.) Now I just go up and down the stairs like it's nothing.

I feel fantastic in so many millions of ways. Just little things sometimes like a new pants size, or a surprised look from a friend or acquaintence that hasn't seen me in a while. In fact, I can't wait to see my little brothers at Thanksgiving this year, cuz it'll be the first time EVER that their 'Big Sister' is gonna be the "Little Big Sister" this year!

I don't know what more I can offer, except to say that it can be done. Everyone has to find their own way, things that will work for them, and I KNOW that you CAN do this!!! Just take one day at a time, don't worry about making leaps and bounds, just baby steps. And if you make a mistake and have something you shouldn't... don't let it derail you, even for that day. Just keep going. You can do ANYTHING!!!!!

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

Very well said Tick Tock and a big Congratulations to you on this incredible journey.

  Tick Tock Replied:

Thank you!!

  Karen Replied:

I have been there, and stayed there a long time...and it felt great...smaller clothes, felt better about my body, healthier, could walk a zillion miles.

Gained 40 of it back...the thing to remember is that it's not losing 100 that's important, it's hard, yes, I have done it. Keeping 100 off is the hard part...there is no end to this, if one wants to be healthier and keep the weight off. I am back to having 70 off now, and working toward my 100 mark again. I promise myself I will not be so lax as to have to lose this part of it AGAIN.

Best wishes. I took it in 10 pound chunks. Always my goal was to get below the next 10 pound mark. To think about losing 100 was too hard for me.

  Lisa Ducharme Replied:

You guys are spot on when you say its the keeping it off part. Losing is much easier then keeping off lets say the ten pounds you just lost and not re-gaining that back and more! Congrats to all whom have shed a lot of weight!! You give me inspiration.

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