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Shoveling snow should be in the database...I shoveled for an hour and a half tonight!!!

  Pinkdream Replied:

Now that is a workout! You use a lot of different muscles for it too!

  Sandy Replied:

I agree. I've always thought it should be there for us in the snowy states.

  ThulzTheThriver! Replied:

The exercise database is one of my favorite tools in SYD especially because it is so customizable. I have added loads of exercises that I do and it works great for me, so I thought i should share how it's done in case you would like to do this for yourself.
Please see below pic

I googled how much snow-shoveling burns in an hour for a 220lbs person and it gave me 607. You can adjust this number more or less depending on what you weigh.
When you add this for the first time, make sure you check the add to favorites button, it will then always be in your favorites and if you then add 90mins of this exercise, the calories will be calculated accordingly.

By the way, you can also select the exercises you do often from the main exercise DB and add them to favorites. That way you essentially create your own customised DB that you always log from as opposed to searching through an entire general DB.

Hope this helps

  Jan Replied:

Thanks! After I got done shoveling, I heard we ended up with 9 inches of snow! It sure felt like it!

  Melinda Replied:

Thanks I just added stacking wood to the database ! We had a half cord of wood delivered, and I figured I would save the $50 and stack it myself on the back deck. Not the brightest decision of the day ! Two and a half hours of stacking today so far, almost done ...

  Sharron (Slimrider) Replied:

All my most used "exercises" are technically chores - like mucking out, packing heavy goods at work or walking the dog!

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