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2/100 Interested or Committed


By far, one of the best days on this 100 Day Motivation. Which are you? If you say committed, are you? Interested? Are you sure that's just all? In regards to the "poster" Yuri Elkhaim had it posted on FB so I shared on FB and borrowed it for here.

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  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

I love that you're doing this, Denise!

  Diane Replied:

OMG.. Denise, I just decided to revisit this yesterday so this is awesome.

I have always been interested but never totally committed. My family is now committed to better health so it is easier to stay committed when you are surrounded by those supporting you in your home and at SYD.

Today I have been thinking about those with addiction problems (drugs/alcohol) and it hit me...what is the difference between that addiction and my addiction to food. Yes, some are legal, some are not but an addiction is an addiction. I am having to force myself to not snack (graze all day) and to back away from the table with normal portions and remember to stop. I admit it is hard but having a commitment makes it easier but I still need the reinforcements from here to help me focus on what is really important and that is overall health.

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