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Surgery or not


This is the heaviest I have ever been! My knees are hurting, especially my right one. Doctor said it is arthritis and that losing weight would help relieve the pain. I also have edema in my legs, and I just feel tired all the time. I have considered weight loss surgery by having what they call the sleeve. I have an orientation meeting on Monday night. Not sure I really want to go that far but I don't know what else to do.I found the book "100 Days of Weight Loss" at a Christian bookstore. I am going to give this a try. Today is day 2 and I all ready fudged it up! Start day 3 tomorrow. It's a brand new day. I just can't seem to give up on the foods that I love, which of course are foods that are no good for me. This is so hard for me. Has anyone gone through any weight loss surgery? Has it worked? I just don't know what to do.

  Diane Replied:

We are all here for support. I know there are days that I mess up and I just jump right back on board and keep trying.. It takes a while to get new habits established so don't be too hard on yourself... We have all been where you are at and I know you can do it.

Another good thing is to start a blog and read blogs. It is a great inspiration.

  Cindy H. Replied:

I have not done any weight loss surgery. It is one option. Another is to keep using your 100 days book and start making changes in your lifestyle. Instead of thinking of taking away things/foods from your life, think about adding .. add more vegetables, more water, some gentle exercise. You can do it!

  Pinkdream Replied:

I have not done any surgery either. I have found if I try to change it all at once I get stuck on being perfect with the plan and then throw the towel in. I find changing small things and making them new habits works best. SYD has amazing support and know we are here for you in whatever you decide.

  Alicia Replied:

You don't have to give up the foods you love. Just eat them in moderation. Drink lots of water & get in more fruits and veggies.

Best wishes!

  Flobee Replied:

have not had weight surgery know 2 close people who have 1 sister in law and 1 is a friend. Both of them have lost the weight but still fight to keep it off and still struggle with the food issues. I and my partner were considering the surgery I had 100 lbs o lose and she had 160 lbs to lose. I have lost 60 and she has lost 140 so far. we have been on WW for a little over 2 years. I she is able to eat a little of anything and stop. I on the other hand can not control choloate. If I eat a piece of candy at any point in the day I want more and more and more. So I do not eat it during the day. And if I am really woanting it then I make myself wait till just before I go to bed and I have it and then go to bed so I will not keep going back. We are very happy we are doing this without surgery. as we can eat whatever we want (small amounts) and not get sick (a problem they still have at times) It has been a process and a committment.

  Judy Replied:

I've been struggling for a long time and have felt an intensity of pain and desire of wanting to address my weight issue and continually failing at doing so. I continue to want to address it on my own by eating in a healthy manner and have not ever really considered surgery, but in my desperation I did try to open myself up to all options. A husband of a friend of mine did the surgery over 5 years ago and did have a successful outcome, and I am sure there are many successes. I don't think it is a panacea, but a weight loss tool (albeit an extreme tool), and comes with the associated risk. I have committed to the 100 days of weight loss beginning May 1st and I have finally exeperienced a little traction. I hope you consider your options carefully and wish you success with whatever you choose. Welcome.

  Emerging Butterfly Replied:

Just try having the foods you love in smaller portions... or two bites! It says in her book that you only get the benefit of the taste for two bites and then after that you are just feeding. Wait awhile helps too. You can have anything you want-but try to postpone it. Knowing you can have it later sometimes helps.

  Tricia Replied:

I do not think that I would contemplate surgery. I would be concerned as to what would happen afterwards if I had not re-educated my body/stomach to accept less food! Losing weight, in my opinion, is about a mental/emotional change and not a physical one. There are no quick fixes unfortunately!

  Stevie Replied:

I relate to your pain Ruth. Monday morning I weighed in at my heaviest as well. I have spent my entire life battling this weight and obesity. I'm tired and struggling, but I'm here and not giving up. I have thought about surgery, but decided it wasn't right for me. I struggle with binge eating which is completely a mental/emotional problem as Tricia stated. I need to work through those issues and learn how to eat properly for my body. I want to get to a place where I can learn to enjoy my favorite foods in moderation and not use food to deal with my emotions.

Whatever you decide, you will find a warm, welcoming and supportive community here. I haven't been on this site in a long time, but I always come back and today your message tugged at my heart. You will be successful - just don't give up the fight.

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

Hang in there and give the book a try. The thing to remember is that it's a lifestyle change. Whether you decide to get surgery or not you will have to change your eating habits.

If you don't get the surgery you need to change your life and implement exercise and healthy eating in order to lose weight and be healthy.

If you decide to get surgery you still have to change your life and implement exercise and healthy eating in order to keep the weight off and be healthy.

Either one is about lifestyle change and making the right choices. I would rather not have surgery and do it on my own, but everyone is different. Anything is possible if you give it 100%. Believe and you will do it.

  Melinda Replied:

I understand the desperation of not being able to lose weight, but think there are other solutions. Of course everyone's situation is different, and I don't presume to know yours.

I just joined Weight Watchers, and I'm finding that its helping me with my weight loss. Don't get me wrong, I love this site and the support, the people are awesome. I am a lifetime member, and am grateful for everything I have found here. But when I reached 50 my weight totally stalled and started creeping up no matter what I did.

I never thought I would want to go to a meeting and talk about weight loss, but WW is thoughtful and motivating. The plan itself is very reasonable, you never have to feel hungry or underfed, you eat clean, and there are a lot of choices that still allow weight loss. What keeps you honest is the weekly 1/2 hour meeting where you weigh in with a remote display ( no one sees your weight but the woman behind the counter who murmurs encouragement ), and then the half hour meeting where small successes are celebrated, and a new focus is given for the coming month. (which you can or can't do and aren't required to talk about at the next meeting)

This month's focus is to take 1-5 minutes each day to reflect on your weight loss success and how you can improve it for the coming day. The key here is to reflect on weight loss success not on missteps, So you are cutting yourself slack for not being perfect, and slipping up, and instead looking at the positive steps you took, and building on that. Love this !

I too am close to my highest weight ever, but am finally making progress. I believe we can achieve what we really set our minds to.

Wishing you strength and peace, you can do this !!

  Jo Dawn Replied:

Ruth.....let us know what you decide. Let us know about your consult if you had it. Many people do not know what the sleeve procedure is. They have come such a long way in gastric surgery & the "sleeve" procedure is by far the best option. The mortality rate is better than gall bladder surgery. It doesn't effect your consumption of nutrients (like gastric bypass) & doesn't have the foreign object in you like the lap band (which is soon to become nonexistent). They call it the sleeve because they shape your stomach into a shape that looks like the sleeve of your arm. They are having amazing results with this procedure & many, many people are thrilled with. I have talked to 8 people locally that have just had it or in different months of doing it in the past. You must realize that it is a tool not a miracle fix. Only a tool but a major tool. I haven't had it done but have done lots of research. I'm not in the BMI for insurance to pay for me. If they would, I'd do it in a heart beat

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