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Swiss Chard

Sharon VA

One of my new favorite veggies. It grows well in our area and it is great raw in salads or as a cooked green. I am using larger leaves for wraps as well. If you live in an area where spinach bolts to seed in the heat, try growing swiss chard. It is very easy to grow and both heat and (light) frost tolerant. It grows well in my greenhouse in the colder months as well. It is not too late to start it either. Give it a try!

  then Lyn Replied:

I grow the rainbow chard and it always looks so pretty in my garden. I usually sauté it with some garlic and throw in some beans or something, I don't know why I never thought of using it for a wrap! I was just looking at mine thinking I have let it get too big...duh, it will be perfect for a wrap! Thanks for the idea!

  Gwen Replied:

I had Swiss chard at tea time tonight. It was delicious with some cabbage and some lentil stew on top.

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