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The Diet Trap Solution: Ch. 9 Psychological Trap #4


The Feeling Overburdened Trap

You get tired of focusing on and putting effort into weight loss.

  Jackie Replied:

This can be so true. It is a effort and some times hard work and for someone like me at times I just want to let loose.

  Judy Replied:

Sadly I feel caught in several of the traps you have mentioned this week, and I am committed to acknowledging them and doing it anyway.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Some days I long for healthy choices to be more accessible in terms of availability and time commitment. I love healthy food though!

  Jackie Replied:

Oh, Jeanne - I agree so much! I think that is the main reason eating healthy is harder than it needs to be.

  kc Replied:

I just found out our little town now has a Juice Bar!! Only problem, 5 bucks a pop. The colleague that told me about it said she get one almost every day! Really!!!! I do think I will get one once a week when I need something easy and an energy boost.

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