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Raynaud's Disease

Sue Ellen

To My SYD members: I am in need of prayer from those who believe in God (Jesus Christ) can heal today. I have been stressed out since before Christmas when our landlord told us the tenants upstairs over us left him with a bed bug infestation very bad which we in turned had to prepare our apartment for precautionary measures on spraying (we did not have them) and then had cold temperatures in our apartment under the 68 degree legal temp for us which then brought on this condition. It is prickly finger tips and coldness in both hands and I find myself useless in doing any housework in water and even typing this is hard BUT want all to know and pray. My GOD can change this around as well as the pain my husband is having in his legs from arthritis in both knees. So, again I thank those who will read and prayer for us... Walt and Sue Ellen - state of NY

  Janice Replied:

I will be keeping you and your husband in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that both of you will be feeling better soon.

  Gwen Replied:

No problem praying for you both! Hugs!

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Healing prayers for you.

  Pinkdream Replied:

Sending prayers your way.

  Sandy Replied:

Sending prayers.

  AMANDA Replied:

I know what its like living somewhere that isn't good for you, my partner has just left to work in Canada (I live in uk) and I hate were I live, my landlord just seems to want the rent and nothing else matters to him, when I leave I should get the full deposit back but I know he will only pay half as we kept over two weeks deposit from him when we both moved in to this house as we had no heating, no hot water for a shower, wash or even to wash the dishes, he said its the middle of summer and we don't need heat, even though we called at his house and his daughter was sat in front of the fire with a hot water bottle, a cover around her and the fire on full, were we live use to be a restaurant and he was supposed to have had everything changed back to domestic but we have fought all the wall to get everything put from commercial to domestic and he just doesn't seem bothered, he knows we have mice in this place but hasn't done anything about it so I can here them at night scurrying around, the place is so cold as there not enough heating in the place, the bills are all very high as they are for commercial and its the noisiest place I have ever lived I hate it, I am on my own here now with my dog and sit in bed with an electric blanket on just to keep warm, you need to move somewhere better for you both, your health will get better and if you are warmer your husbands arthritis might get a little bit better as well. I don't believe in god, I use to be catholic but now I just don't care and feel if I want anything doing in life I have to do it myself as god wont help...he never has when I have asked in the past and I have been through so much heartache and there is to much heartache in the world for a god. I have my own beliefs and if you believe in god then I have been told that the power of prayer will help, but honestly you can both do this yourself and you don't need anyone else, move house and do it soon (please read this as I have intended it to be nice)

  Tricia Replied:

Praying for you both - hopefully things will turn around for you soon.

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