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7 "FATTY" Foods that Can Help You to Get a Flat Stomach (some of these will surprise you!)


At this point, the anti-fat propaganda has died and almost everybody understands by now that eating fat doesn't necessarily make you fat. In fact, it's absolutely imperative to get enough healthy fats in your diet to keep your hormones balanced, blood sugar under control, and prevent cravings.

Here are 7 examples of "fatty" foods that can actually HELP you to get lean...

  Judy Replied:


  Pinkdream Replied:

thanks for the link!

  Gwen Replied:

I read it with interest Janice and feel there is a lot of truth in it. I found coconut oil a few months ago and it is very tasty, versatile and filling!

  Sharron (Slimrider) Replied:

I need to incorporate more coconut oil and can't decide where to start - I would be interested to know how people are using it? Thanks for posting this xx

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