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Day 100 100 Days of Weight Loss...This is how I live.


This is how I live.

  Judy Replied:

What are my top ten?

  Gwen Replied:

I will make healthy portions a priority; I will drink my water; I will walk and exercise; I will go on Health Watch 2015 and 2016 and beyond!

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Wow, day 100 again! I always enjoy these over and over. It's nice to have the 100 days message board also to read past comments from several of us. Thanks for doing this again, Judy.

  Judy Replied:

100 Days completion... 2nd time around.

Grateful to have it behind me. I'm glad I stuck to it and kept doing it in some manner. Though several days I did not want to do it specifically on that day for whatever reason, my mood, the topic, getting triggered, time crunch, apathy, anger, etc...they underlying commitment carried me through to completion. Ah, love that word, completion. Even if 100 100 days lay ahead of me, this go-round is complete!

Well, I suppose complete after I complete, at least for this go-round, Day 100's, This is how I live... In reading through the 100 day captions, I've culled out the following, which isn't actually specific to the list, but just what it spawned in me right now today.

I'm at my best when...

I address foundation items... planning, preparation and performance...David Allen's helpful GTD system.

I pay attention to the hunger/satiety scale.

I review occasionally my I want/choose/value list.

I remember I can be perfectly imperfect, avoiding the all-or-nothing trap.

I remember the power of pleasure.

I remember the ease that can accompany stimulus narrowing and chunking.

Knowing the value of ready references... foods, restaurants, recipes, supportive self-care ideas. Insteads.

Interested or committed, the daily review, the power of my participation ODAT.


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