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The Diet Trap Solution: Ch. 9 Psychological Trap #2


The Deprivation Trap

You feel resentful for having to restrict what you eat.

Anyone else an all or nothing person?

  Lin Replied:

Me Me Me As far as all or nothing. BUT I must say that I am 51 days on very controlled carbs and having very little trouble with crazy food cravings. I am not losing like many people who have embarked on this weight loss program, but I am slowly losing for the first time in ages, and it is being pretty easy to resist unhealthy things. Now I have to just patiently keep on "doing it" each day and not let the slow weight loss discourage me.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

I'm recovering! I am naturally an all or nothing perfectionist

  Jackie Replied:

Oh, I'm a huge all or nothing kind of person which makes everything so much harder. I used to resent but now that I have come to like more and more vegetables, I can eat so much more and not feel deprived.

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