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Goodbye Weight Watchers....I learned how to be accountable to myself


Hi - I signed up for Weight Watchers in November 2016, and the first four months were amazing. I dropped 36 lbs, then I proceeded to bounce between the same five pounds May to yesterday. My heart wasn't really in it, all the tracking of points (but eating unlimited fruits and veggies) was making me feel healthy, but it wasn't actually helping me lose weight. I made the decision yesterday to stop doing WW, and to go back to SYD - after all I paid for lifetime last year, so why not??

What I've learned about myself from being on WW:
- All or nothing thinking is what has caused me to "fall off the wagon" every few months. So, this is the concept of binge-eating at the end of the day after I wasn't "perfect". I don't need to be so angry at myself if I have an off-day, just forgive myself and start fresh tomorrow. Think about the reasons why the day was "off"; maybe I skipped breakfast, or didn't have my afternoon snack.
- Stress-eating stopped happening right away when I began my exercise program. Now when I feel stressed, the last thing I think of is food; I usually get outside for a walk. Having a Fitbit is also a huge part of stopping my stress-eating. Gotta get those steps!!
- I must pre-plan my days and pack my lunch the night before, or I'm at risk of going off plan then having an "all or nothing" night. If I bring my big lunch bag to work, and I eat regularly during the day of my healthy snacks and lunch, I never feel starved or panicky. I feel energized.
- Exercising every day makes me realize how amazing I am as a woman. I feel slim, fit, sexy, confident, sassy - even if my outsides don't match my insides yet in terms of size, I feel like the woman I yearn to be. It's nice to feel that way, so I exercise. Who cares how many calories I burn, I feel really, really GOOD!
- Giving up is never an option. I can fall off the wagon, inch so close to the edge that I almost go over - but I never, ever go over. I pause, reassess my plan, create a new path and go forward. I don't ever give up!

I just wanted to put this out here on SYD. The one thing I will miss about WW is the fabulous supportive community on the app - I think I might find that here too. Anyway, enjoy your weekend, everyone!

  Gwen Replied:

You have learned so much! Thanks for sharing this part of your incredible journey!

  Lyn Replied:

That is great! We have a great support group here, sometimes there is more activity than others, it seems to go in waves. There are a bunch of us here on fitbit, we do a lot of challenges! I am lynjoyten, my email is if you want to be friends!

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

You have learned a lot, Guinevere! Wise words indeed. Live joyfully in wellness! I love this site, and I hope you do, too!

  Rhonda Replied:

I love how much you've learned - it seems that WW was a very valuable tool for you and now you've moved on to the next phase of your journey. Sometimes its not a matter of deciding what doesn't work but what may work better. Good luck!

  Guinevere Replied:

Thanks Ladies! It's true, Rhonda, that I started WW last year because SYD was not what I needed right then. And now, WW is not what I need, but SYD is. As long as I'm learning with all these choices, mistakes, and being totally honest with myself - this will work for me. Fitbit is awesome, I would love to connect with you Lyn, let me see if I can find you on the app! Take care!

  Anna Replied:

I am doing the same thing. I always keep SYD at arms length but I tried WW online but I was finding that I needed to be accountable for my sugar and the free fruit through me for a loop. All programs work when you work it and I will miss the bar scanner but I felt that I was spending hours trying to stay within my points and I just don't have hours. I miss my calorie counting.... knowing what I have left... fat, protein sugar, carbs. I am not good at sticking to any diet but I have kept 30 of 40 lbs off. When I left here last I was 173.5. Today I am 183.8. I want to do this with SYD and reading your post helped me not think I was crazy. Thank you for that Guinevere

  Sue Ellen Replied:

I have been doing WW for years on the old way and find it very taxing on the recording of points. So now I plan to make right choices and prayerfully the weight will go.....thanks for sharing and the best to you on your journey.

  Penny Replied:

Hi, Guinevere! I just started SYD today and am a current WW member. I joined the meetings on January 3, 2017, then switched to online a couple of months ago. I stumbled on the 100 Days of Weight Loss book, which had a link to this site, while Googling for some options. I've been thinking about stopping my WW membership, but kind-of felt guilty...until now. Now I see that this site will give me everything good that I had while with WW, and I think there will be a little more accountability because I'm taking things one day at a time. I totally lost my focus and am in dire need of support and motivation. It looks like this just might be it!! I'm excited about the possibilities, yet I will admit I'm a little nervous about starting again...for what feels like the thousandth time. I'm glad to find new friends, and especially glad for former WW members who understand what it feels like to be successful and not so successful at the same time. By April of last year I was down 16 pounds. Now I'm only down 6.8. I've got 33 pounds to lose. I think I can do it if I just remember to only take one day at a time.

  Lyn Replied:

Welcome Penny! Great to have you. And you know what...we just keep restarting until we figure it out! Every time is a lesson learned, as long as we never give up we will make it. We all take different paths but we are in it together. Great support here.

  Gwen Replied:

Hi Penny, all the best with your plan as you decide what is best for you. Welcome to SYD!

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