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Tell me the food that makes you gag


Tell me a food considered part of a healthy diet that you can't stand. The type of food that you'd rather go hungry than eat it.

  Gwen Replied:

Some types of fish! If it tastes 'fishy' at all I can't eat it. Cooked tomatoes are not so easy to digest either.

  Lyn Replied:

Meat. All of it. LOL

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Sweet potatoes, bleck!

  Tami Replied:

nothing, that's my problem! LOL no I wouldn't eat raw fish

  Guinevere Replied:

I would say nothing that would make me gag, but there are foods I used to eat that my body can't deal with anymore and gives me terrible indigestion that keeps me up at night: burger/fries/shake, pastries, breads, pasta, stuff like that. I just can't deal with the sleep deprivation I get from the indigestion - so I avoid those foods now. Probably a good thing, though.

  Anna Replied:

cottage cheese and kraft dinner Alone or together. Really really gross together I am sure, lol.

  Lyn Replied:

Funny Anna because I LOVE cottage cheese. I eat mostly vegan now but cottage cheese is one of the exceptions I will make on occasion because it is one of the few things I miss.

  Diane Replied:

I'm like Tami, I like it all.

  Anne Replied:

Boiled okra....the inside turns slimy like a slug! EEEEWWWWW!

And I really don't like the taste of Kale. It's musty and reminds me of dirty feet! EEEEWWWWW

That's about it! I'm really not picky. Use to hate tomatoes but I grew to like them.

  ThulzTheThriver! Replied:

You'll never believe it...
Avocado! Lord knows I've tried to get on the bandwagon and love it but it literally makes me nauseous. Can you imagine low carb without avo?

  Lyn Replied:

i can not imagine life without avocado. LOL

  seceretgarden (Susan) Replied:


  gramma4u Replied:

Unfortunately, not much I don't like. I have never tried sushi and that's just the thought of raw fish so that is probably my one yhing.

  Rjaatt Replied:

Horseradish: it gives me HIVES! But if you can eat
natto soybeans Korean Food your a strong minded person and I love this, it helped with the clotting in my left leg and foot. Its great for clotts and hearts.

Natto is especially rich in vitamin K2, which could reduce bone loss in post-menopausal women by as much as 80 per cent.( it works eat it with peanut butter or plain). Fermented soybeans such as natto contain Vitamin PQQ, which is very important for the skin. PQQ in human tissues is derived mainly from diet. Note this you can buy at a Vietnamese foods. 99.7% of people can NOT EAT this because of its texture! But the health benefits for menopause was 100% worth it and the clotting dissipated in only a few weeks.

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