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Can someone help with a blog photo question. No matter what I do there are times when the photo I try to add is sideways. I don't do anything differently from the days when the photo is right side up. I have tried to add them from my photo albums, I have tried transferring it to my computer's desk top beforehand, I've tried changing the location of the photo within the blog ( which does sometimes help) but its very annoying since I know there is nothing wrong with the photo itself. Anyone have a fix for this?

  Lyn Replied:

If you are using an iPhone it is something to do with that. I have had this problem myself. It is something to do with the way you are holding the phone when you take the picture. There is an app you can get called Rotate Mailer that will fix them if you are entering it in from your phone, and I have had some luck with dragging it onto my desktop and then putting it in my blog from there but that doesn't always work either. It has been a while so I forget all the details, sorry!

  Rhonda Replied:

Yes the photos are taken from my iphone but I never try to enter photos on the blog from there. I'm on my MacBook Pro when I use the photo and do the blog. Its just so strange and frustrating. Like you said Tami, sometimes it works to put it on the desk top and sometimes not.

  Lyn Replied:

I have the same, iPhone and MacBook Pro. There is a technical explanation but basically you are supposed to always take pictures with the home button to the right, any other way and you may have the problem. If you have Messages set up on your computer, use Rotate Mailer (it was free when I got it, not sure if it still is) and then message the picture to yourself and then you can drag it from Messages to your desktop and it will be fine. I'm sure there are other ways but that is the easiest one I can remember right now. LOL It is weird because I never had a problem and then all of a sudden it happened all the time for a while and now it has been a really long time and I have not had any problems.

  deb Replied:

I sometimes have this same problem and I also have an I-phone and a MacBook Pro. So Lyn, I need to always take my pics with the home button on the right? That would mean i'd always have to take them in the "landscape mode", right?

  Rhonda Replied:

I don't think how you take the picture is the problem because sometimes my landscape pics are turned on their side even thought I take them with the button on the right, and sometimes my portrait pics are ok even though the button is on the bottom. It seems random.

  Sandy Replied:

I save my pictures to my desktop on my computer before downloading them to SYD. That seems to work.

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