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ODAT Thursday January 12, 2017

Jeanne- CE!

Hey Beautiful! If you are to live this one day in wellness, what will your choices be?

I will follow CLJ plan, drink all of that water, do "what I can with what I got", do physical therapy and metabolic conditioning, plan and prep, practice music, enjoy chorale rehearsal tonight.

  Lyn Replied:

Today I will stay on track and keep myself busy getting the house clean so that if we get the huge ice storm they have predicted we can enjoy or time being stuck at home and have a little staycation.

  Lin Replied:

We are heading Soulth for a few days - Hopefully will be south of any bad weather before tomorrow. I will widen my road just a bit - but still stay very low carb, mainatain a great attitude about how I feel versus what it seems I am "missing" vacation flooding. Any good ideas about where to eat out and still maintain Lo-carby?

  kc Replied:

Trying to push the water early today as I have been letting it slide during school days. Keeping it Keto and getting some intentional steps in somewhere.

  Lin Replied:

Well, day ended up with 23.9 carbs, not great - but acceptable. Tomorrow need a more narrow road

  kc Replied:

Is that net carb Lin? I ended with 19 total and 12 net. Protein was high at 91, fat 117. The really bad is 1500 calories. Need to analyze and improve.

  Lin Replied:

Yes kc, mine was net carbs

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