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ODAT Friday January 13, 2017

Jeanne- CE!

Happy Friday, one and all! What will make this one day happy in the ways of wellness?

I will follow CLJ plan, drink all of my water, be present in the present, chill with Di, go to Bikram yoga, plan and prep, practice music, enjoy being home this evening.

  kc Replied:

It's Friday. Happy dance. I will be drinking a lot of water, keeping it Keto, and working toward 8,000 steps.

Have a fabulous Friday all!

  Lyn Replied:

Ice storm! We are already getting ice and are ready to be stranded here for a couple of days, I'm pretty excited about it to tell the truth. LOL My only worry is my oldest dog falling on the ice, her legs are not working right and more. I am stocked with healthy groceries so I am going to use this time to cook and freeze and try new recipes. And I will do yoga and drink my water (sigh) and stay on track with my eating. Have a great day everyone!

  Diane Replied:

Got in my exercise and drinking my water and cleaning. Here's to a great Friday.

  Lin Replied:

Struggling to be 100% whole 30, because of so much eating out - but have been doing as much as I can Whole 30 together with Atkins carb program

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