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Keto On!


Anyone else following the Keto Way of Eating? I have found two authors and websites to be a wealth of information.
1. Martina Sloajerova. She is doing a January Challenge and has a Facebook support page. The pinned post is amazing. It has so much information and so many great links.
Facebook: KetoDiet Support Group. It is a closed group but you just ask for an add and within 24 hours you are there.
Love her book 'The Keto Diet Cookbook.'

2. Maria Emmerich.
Facebook: keto adapted-mariaemmerich
Web site:
Books: Keto-adapted. This was my first Keto book and it hooked me.
Ketogenic Cooking- yep I have that one too.
The 30 Day Keto Diet Cleanse-My current read and it is Whole 30 approved! So you get the best of both worlds!

Please share your favorite Keto book, site, or recipe!

  Amber Replied:

Great resources! Keto on with real food! It rocks!

  Lin Replied:

Going to look into this during the day today

  Sharron (Slimrider) Replied:

Ooh, Ooh - I follow Maria Emmerich but the first one is new - thanks for sharing kc!

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