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Coming Soon: Motivation+ Changes Development Team

Starting July 1st, we're making some changes and additions to our Motivation+ section:

Monthly Contest
This section will be renamed "Monthly Challenge" (or something similar) and will shift focus to a personal assessment of your monthly program engagement. In addition to earning trophies (as you can today) you'll also earn badges that display on your contact card. In addition, you can compare your performance to the previous month, adding incentive to outperform last month's point total. Other additions to this section are under consideration as well. We are discontinuing the prize/contest aspects of this feature.

This new feature will start with 4 categories (exercise minutes, steps, low-fat foods and low-carb foods) and will show you how you stack up with other members within the program. It's a 30-day rolling feature and the data is updated every hour. At launch, all data will be anonymous. In a future update, we hope to incorporate a friends list, new time options (7-day leaderboard, etc.) and new leaderboard categories.

  Lyn Replied:

Sounds great, you guys are awesome!

  ThulzTheThriver! Replied:

You're bringing back the leaderboard!!!! Yaaay! Will you (pretty please) consider bringing back the monthly pound% leaderboard?
Of the 4, I'm looking forward to the the steps one as I have always tracked food elsewhere. Development Team Replied:

Thanks. Yes, we'll consider weight loss percentage.

  Pinkdream Replied:

I sure hope the weight loss board comes back as well. That was always a great motivator for me. I know some don't like it though. Thanks for all the updates. Sounds very exciting!! Development Team Replied:

We're going to delay these changes for 1 month, they will now launch August 1st. While both are working now, there are some neat things we can do to make them even better. And yes, we'll include weight loss percentage!

  Gwen Replied:

Looking forward to them! Development Team Replied:

Just putting the finishing touches on this update. It came out really well, taking the extra month was the right move. This will go live on August 1st and we'll make a detailed post at that time.

Unfortunately, we won't have weight loss percentage in the leaderboards at launch. We worked on it, we have the data, but it just didn't translate well into a leaderboard. We may add features around WLP in the future.

  Lyn Replied:

Thanks! Can't wait to see it!

  Sandy Replied:

I'm anxious to see how it looks.

  Iyanifa Ekundayo Replied:

I am looking forward to this.

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