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Whole 30


I started Whole 30 yesterday, It's my 2nd attempt. The first time I was doing really great but after 2 weeks, a stressful day, and chicken burnout (if i had to eat one more piece of chicken I would barf!!), a little wine hit the spot, a little turned into a lot and boom, it all fell apart.

This time I am doubling my efforts and going to try to make it the whole 30 days and beyond!! I do OK with no sugar, no bread, etc. but I get so busy with work and kids and so SICK of cooking everything from scratch. And chicken burn out comes so quick!!

Has anyone out there made it thru the 30 days and beyond? How was your weight loss success or even more, your overall health? Yes, I'm doing this to lose weight but to also reduce inflammation and gain control of what I put in my body.

  Tami Replied:

Never heard of this plan. Is it clean eating?

  Gwen Replied:

I did whole 30 a while ago and not only did I lose weight but it set me on the road to discovering that life without sugar and bread is really good. I eat less protein than I did on whole 30 but my memories of the plan are good.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Go for it Teresa! Keep posting, and I will cheer you on! I have not done the Whole30 to the letter, but have the book and do my own take on it. It is great if you have never done a plan to determine which foods work for you and which against you. I am on a four week strike sugar challenge right now, and am not eating grains, dairy (except full fat yogurt in small amounts), and sweeteners of any kind except trace amounts. What I am doing now is doable for life, and I plan to stick with it almost all of the time. There are a lot of recipes out there to keep it interesting, and bulk cooking and freezing is helpful to me. I have friends who have done Whole 30, and have continued on with it. On this site, Jill (dog logo) and Tommy (truck logo) have done a lot with Whole30.

  Teresa Replied:

Thanks for your replies!! I'm on day 3 now, still feeling like it's the honeymoon phase where I don't miss sandwiches or sweets, and I've seen a 3lb loss. My guess - water loss due to the lack of WINE. I'm drinking 100+oz to keep hunger and wine away. I could have shot my husband last night for drinking Chardonnay in front of me. I almost caved, but turned heel and had a mug of hot lemon water. It was good but, it's just not the SAME!!! LOL

  Lyn Replied:

Wow Teresa, you are one strong woman. LOL

  Teresa Replied:

I complained profusely!

I'm still going with it. I ran out of prepared food really fast. Had to do a 2nd round of roasted veggies; broccoli, cauliflower and sweet potatoes. My favorite. Target has some kind of magical chicken seasoning that I can't get enough of so I put it on everything and bathe it in olive oil. Delicious.

Weekends prove to be a challenge. Wine? OMG, yes, please, longest week ever!! Oh wait. Nope. Herbal tea. blahhhhhhh

Up side? I'm down 3.8lbs this week and weigh the least I have been since early 2014. Just 9.5 lbs to lose before I'm below 200, On track for it by my bday Nov 1, but I'd really like to get there by my son's 7th bday, Oct 11. I better get on the treadmill or brave the TX heat.

Have a great weekend!!

  Gwen Replied:

Many congratulations on your weight loss and sticking to Whole 30. I would say it is working for you!

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

It's not easy, but you are working hard and doing it anyway!

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