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100 MORE Days Day 20 Thursday

Jeanne- CE!

Day 20: Rebuild Your Hope

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

I am all about eliminating things that drain me, aka the energy vampires. I try to let the things that drain me be what slips through the cracks, in order to hold space for my true priorities. This focus does help me to hang on to my inner peace, which builds upon my hope. Of course, some of our energy drainers cannot be avoided, and I still sometimes get sucked into the time thieves of computer snags, difficult or unpleasant correspondence, and handling things that do not go as planned- but where our attention goes, energy, thoughts, and actions follow. I have choices.

  Lyn💛 Replied:

I always try and have a positive attitude about things and I have also been working hard on eliminating things that drain me. In most areas I can keep positive very easily, I mean, life is good and I am blessed in so many ways! But this is one of those areas where the negative self talk is so much stronger than I know how to handle.

  Tyme4me Replied:

My hope voice for love and encouragement. No matter however stressful my life is today I cannot turn to food to fix it.

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