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I would love ideas for Keto meal


I am just jumping in this warm pool of great postings after re- mitting to a #20 pound weight loss for myself as of Jan 2nd. The Keto plan seems to be what my body is calling for at this time and is working for me on several levels including weight loss. I looked back on old postings and discovered a posting about U tube Keto with Casey that is marvelous ~thanks to whoever posted it .
I would love tried and fabulous recipes ~ love the hamburger/sausage/chorizo patty idea !!!

  Gwen Replied:

How about roast chicken with a side salad or a side of cabbage (my favourite)?

  kc Replied:

Welcome Flower! Currently the message board has several postings that are related to Keto/HFLC way of eating. Look for:
Meal Prep
Tasty & Easy
Mini-Meat Loaf
Are there still low-carbers out there?
Also check out the blogs of those that posted on these message boards as their blogs may have more recipes and thoughts connected with Keto/HFLC.

  flower Replied:

Both are fabulous ideas and will carry me thru to more green dot days !!
Thank-you for the great feed back. I have a chicken the butcher spatchcocked for me to roast and hamburger to make into mini meatloaves for now and will cruise thru these other suggestions .
My daughter in law made a cauliflower / cheese soup that got rave reviews that I also want to try.
Great success to you Gwen & kc !!

  Gwen Replied:

Thanks Flower for mentioning Go Keto With Casey. I looked her up and so enjoyed her common sense approach. I hope your string of green keto dots is growing longer.

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