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flavored water


I have never been much of a water drinker (unless its in my coffee lol). I find it bland and boring. I have found nestle splash flavored water and i just love them. I'm wondering if this still counts towards my daily water intake. It is just regular water with flavoring. with no calories and no carbs. would love to hear thoughts on this.

  Lyn Replied:

I, myself, only count pure water as water although I know others do it differently. But you've got to do whatever works for you! You won't find anyone who hates drinking water more than I do. LOL

  kc Replied:

This contains a lot of thises and thates, including sucralose.
I'd steer clear of it. Pure water for your health. It takes a while, but your tastebuds will adjust.

"If you plan to use any artificial substitutes like Aspartame, Saccharin, Acesulfame K or Sucralose, beware of potentially negative health effects. Specifically, based on a review of studies regarding the safety of Aspartame I do not recommend using it. When it comes to other artificial sweeteners like Sucralose, there is inconclusive evidence about their safety in the long term and I personally avoid them."


  Lyn Replied:

Your taste buds may never adjust. LOL But, I pretty much only drink plain water now, nothing else because I know it is what is best for me. And I hate every drop of it.

  Peggy Replied:

While visiting my son in Germany I started drinking water with gas...Sparkling water here in the states. Really like it.

  chatty Replied:

i hate the taste of water too..i also use flavorings in mine..I was told by a nutrtionist that it does
count as my water good enough for me..

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