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Does anyone here drink fusion shakes? I accidentally went in the wrong door today & ended up in the fusion place. Since several in my office drink them and I never had I decided to try it. I refused the tea... just didn't sound good to me. She gave me an aloe water shot because I told her I was recovering from the flu. I drank that and then she made me a shake. I drank just a little of the shake (maybe 2 oz at most) and threw it away because I felt jittery... kind of like having too much caffeine would and there was an underlying flavor I didn't like. Does anyone know what additives are in them that would give me that reaction? I have a doctor's appointment today and it feels like my blood pressure is up. Just curious. PS Just spoke to several in my office who tell me this is Herbalife products and it was the aloe water shot they had me drink before they gave me the shake that made me feel jittery. I don't ingest things I don't know the ingredients of so this felt totally off to me... won't be going back. I've known some Herbalife users who swear by it but it isn't for me at all.

  Gwen Replied:

I have heard of Herbalife but not Fusion shakes. It sounds like you should steer clear of them. I hope your doctor's appointment went well Sandy!

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Never heard of either of those. Hope it didn't last too long!

  FastK Replied:

Never heard of this either.

Oh boy I hate that jittery feeling. I am like you, I never eat or drink 'weirdo' things that are supposed to hype ya up, make you healthier, make you .......whatever. I don't trust any of that crap
Just me, I will hardly take meds prescribed from the Dr let alone take weirdo combo food/drink items from others LOL I hope you feel better today!!

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