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SYD Diabetics and Pre-Diabetic

Sue Ellen

Help please. Any SYD members who could give me info about the above on numbers of Carbs ok to have, Sugar number to have to help my husband and I it would be appreciated muchly. We have some books but not much info is given and don't know where else to check for even on the computer not much info is given. Our Dr. didn't even give us much info accept lose weight and watch sugar. So I'm thanking you in advance to whomever has the time to reply. Our A1c are 7.0 and 6.1. God Bless and have a Merry Christmas.

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Sorry I can't help you out, I hope you find what you're looking for!

  Gwen Replied:

I have no specific numbers either but how about cutting out sugar for a week just as a detox and then take it from there. All the best!

  FastK Replied:

How low can you go would be best
Thing is any carbs from grains/plants etc and all junk like chocolate or candy filled with sugar etc is going to mess with your body.

Protein and fat will be low and slow blood sugar swings. Will correct sugar numbers and balance out your body.

Any carbs from there are going to be fast and high spikes but if you NEED to watch your numbers and want to eat a lot more things, like some fruits etc.......find a copy of the glycemic index on the internet. Eat all the LOW glycemic foods. Like raspberries are lower than an apple. Asparagus is lower than a potatoe. You can gauge what you need to eat for the healthiest blood sugar numbers by eating the lowest glycemic index foods. Like Gwen said tho, cutting sugar point blank and checking blood sugar will show you how eating changes those numbers thru the day. Best of luck to you

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

I am no doctor and am not qualified to give medical advice, but check out the website. There is a tab for health articles that includes blood sugar issues, and there is a wealth of info on the site, including lots of healthy recipes. All the best!

  FastK Replied:

remember one thing, the 'current' use of food as 'a control for diabetics' is almost useless in that it is ALL about sugar. and it boils down to how much sugar/carbs you will allow out of your menu for life.

Sugar is carbs. Carbs are sugar. Simple as that.

Now it is 1000% about how you want to eat to change your body.

It boils down to something so simple, yet so hard to handle thru life with food, choices, how you can and can't eat long term. You find what suits you and go for it!!

  Anna Replied:

I have been dealing with Type 2 Diabetes for about 4 years now and its not easy at all. Like they are saying Carbs is sugar.... but I have also learned to my dismay that somethings that I expect will put my sugar up does not and somethings that I think are ok are a real trigger for me. For example, kfc type chicken will put it through the roof, pizza, salt, and deli type meats... I don't understand. Its really not all about the sugar. And the best exercise seems to be a decent even paced walk. Working like a crazy person does not put it down but a walk with the dog for 2 weeks in a row after being done work this season got my sugars down by several numbers... I think in reality dealing with diabetes is all about balance of life and diet with a good sense to stay away from what your sugar monitor teaches you brings YOUR numbers up. It will be a work in progress. Good luck with the journey. Its really hard but many people beat. I am not one of them.

My goal for 2019 is to try and keep "real sugar" out of my diet! If it has straight up sugar - its off limits. Like my dad's amazingly awesome fudge. Yikes...

Small steps and small decisions. Try the "not now, maybe later" sentence whenever and wherever you can if it will sabotage your sugar levels. Heh.... I think I will write that down and put it on my fridge! Happy New Year to everyone.

  FastK Replied:

True. All processed foods are just that, even deli meats are shot full of crap and compressed with crap etc. in them to make them deli meats Pizza crust is loaded with sugars. kfc chicken crust is loaded with sugar and who knows what is injected into that chicken also. No one knows really.

Eat fresh, cook yourself food. Keep to lowest glycemic index foods IF you are one that needs more types of variety in your menu.

It is all about what you eat. Blood sugar (for those not type 1 and are facing a true medical situation) is all about your sugar intake. BUT WE ARE individuals, so extras, like do you smoke, do any exercise, other medical conditions, on other medications for conditions, etc. and a ton of factors do come into play for each of us.

But to lower and stabilize blood sugar it starts with carbs. It starts with what you eat. AND DO not forget about what ya drink. sugar free drinks raise your BS just like a sugar soda. A lot of times people do forget what they drink as part of what they eat

Your first priority is your food and drink intake. After that, exercise etc comes into play. And then ya work around your lifestyle and more to make a balanced healthy person in whole.

  FastK Replied:

oh, and yea, it is hard to do, to make massive changes to one on a daily basis as us guys are all doing, heading to true health thru nutrition. wishing us all the best

  Sandy Replied:

My husband was able to meet with a nutritionist through our clinic and learn about how and what to eat. That really helped. I also used the Mayo Clinic site for reference a lot. I highly recommend it.

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