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SHER's Water/Aerobics/Water/Exercise


Hi everyone. I joined the Y with my Mom and we do Water/Aerobics/Water/Exercise Monday, Wednesday & Friday for 2 hours each day. We absolutely Love the Water and what a Nice Enjoying way to loose the weight. I can't move my legs very well because of medicine from cancer actually destroyed my legs and feet. But in the Water I am light and I feel no pain and I can jump around like nothing. Water is the best therapy. It's an Olympic size pool . So here's a picture of the Y we go to.

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  Lyn Replied:

That looks great and sounds like a fun way to exercise!

  Angela Replied:

That looks like so much fun glad you found a way to move!!

  Trina Replied:

It's so great that you joined and doing something where you feel good. Awesome!

  SHER Replied:

Thank you, Lyn, Angela, Trina.

  GiGi Replied:

What a good thing you and Mom are doing for yourselves...Fantastic!

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