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March out!


We are so close to the end of March. So I have decided to march out the rest with a positive attitude, smile on my face and my hand out to greet April. Let's help each other make each day count so we can fling open the door and walk out into the sunshine of success! Gwen said it right.....what are we going to do to make it count? Marching shoes on everyone.....

  Lyn Replied:

I started March strong, then I had a rough patch, but I am finishing strong! And I hope to go through all of April with no glitches. Glad to have company along the way!

  Gwen Replied:

I am glad to have company too! I am going to lift my head up high and march into April knowing I did my best. I love SYD and being able to stick to our own plans. The goal is the same but the route is different. Let's do this!

  Angela Replied:

Marching on. it's great to be marching a little lighter!!

  Rjaatt Replied:

One step at a time, one glass of water at a time and one bite at a time I will finish March with a YEA! and start April with Shower of Smiles.

  Lin Replied:

I have been eating very low carb! But getting too much protein and fat. April I will concentrate on backing off on eating when I am not hungry,just bored.

  Rjaatt Replied:

I have been eating a vegetable soup diet! with natural fruit drinking water. The next two weeks is "Cabbage Soup" and it is "GREAT". I look forward to all the natural flavors everyday. But I did- put in a ham bone for the bone marrow. I had saved. The only different is I have to grind all my vegetables in a food processor like baby-food finally chopped so I can digest the food only because I have no "teeth"- 'past tense' cancer destroyed them. I can eat all I want as much or as little, its my choice. It was not until "Fire" food that has been chemically and physically transformed by heat cooked vegetables and fruits. 250,000 years ago cooking made food more digestible and kills off the bacteria that cause food poisoning in the gut and mind. 1.9 million years ago some major changes occurred in hominin biology. Compared with its ancestors, Homo erectus had very small teeth, a small body and a much larger brain. We have Evolved! To many choices, To many ways, To many ideas, to many of everything that we can get our hands on. Eyes are inviting, taste buds control us. or is it our "Hands".

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