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Morning Walk / Jogging. or UpHill-DownHill


Pedometer Steps: Pitch Dark out side: The sky was blue and the Palm Tree's Black in the back ground. Maybe Thursday I will Touch the Mountain! With my Bare Hands!
Walked 7 blocks and Jogged back 7 blocks: 5:50am to 6:20am
Steps: 16896 Calories Burned: 1286

I wonder why for the last 10months since we moved here? Why? I Prevented doing the one thing I love the most its my Freedom from my family, from life, from the world. I can walk fast and Jog alone by myself and no one has to distract me or push me to my limit I can do it the way I need to. I feel like a fool but at the same time I can see why, FEAR! FEAR is my worst Enemy! My down fall in life!
But once I do it I have no more fear and I am ready to concur the world!
For a "Young child who had no fear" for a "Teenager who was courageous and a daredevil". Why then when I had kids did I become such a chicken???

  Gwen Replied:

At least you are tackling your fear. Good on you Rjaatt. Keep going girl!

  Lyn Replied:

It is your time to find yourself again! Good for you.

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