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March On


So who's talking the talk and walking the walk? I feel like am doing well marching on through the first week of march. I took extra steps by parking my car further away and then doing a brisk walk into my work building. I am sticking to my meal plans. I am making an effort to stay on this trail. I feel like Gwen has linked arms with me so that leaves my other arm and her other arm up for grabs. I already feel lighter as we will always feel lighter when we hold each other up.

  Lyn Replied:

I am walking the walk. March has been good to me, I am easily on track, seeing progress and feeling good. I do need to focus on water though (ugh) which is always a struggle for me. Feels good knowing we are all in this together!

  Angela Replied:

linking up Trina. Just started a formal walking plan, hopefully that will boost the loss and make me feel even better!!

  Gwen Replied:

Fantastic Trina, I will link arms with you Trina, happily and anyone on this journey! I am looking at the different things you have been doing Trina for marching on. Which thing is most valuable? Walking more, planning meals ahead of time or what? Whatever it is is working so keep doing it!

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