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Plateau frustrations


I am still losing but the pace is Very slow. So, after I do all my checks and balances. (Making sure I am journaling food correctly and maintaining exercise) . I am wondering what you do when you stall in the process. Do you change up your exercise regimen, do you alter the foods you are eating? Any suggestions would be helpful

  Lyn Replied:

I think I am doing okay with food but not great. It is encouraging for me to know that I am capable of maintaining, but since I am not at goal I don't want to be maintaining right now! LOL I think I need to revisit all the reasons why I want to do this and get my excitement back, I tend to get lost in the drudgery of it and forget why it is so important that I do this and then I let things slide. I've been working out and eating ok but it is time to really pay attention to what I am doing and see where I can tweak things to see a change.

  Cedric Replied:

How long have you been dieting?

The first weight you lose is from glycogen, a water-soluble energy source. Something like for every gram of glycogen you lose (it's stored in your muscles and liver), you lose four grams of water. So your initial weight loss on a diet is *not* fat. If you're still losing weight, *NOW* you are losing fat. Congratulations!

If you haven't had a physical lately, it might be a good time to get one, so your doctor can check your blood sugar levels, triglycerides, etc. and confirm that you're healthier than before you started your diet!

  Rjaatt Replied:

This is what I do when I stop losing weight! I eat grapefruit and Oranges! MORE WATER PLEASE!

I do this for one week! it will confuse your body and the calories will drop! then you can each week add in your normal foods until it happens again.

Take 2 Glasses of water before breakfast.

½ grapefruit
1 egg hard-boiled
3 Glass of water

Take 2 Glasses of water before lunch.

½ grapefruit
Salad plain with veggies in or on the side. (note you can make dressing out of veggies) puree it!
1 Glass of water

Take 2 Glasses of water before Dinner.

½ grapefruit
Chef salad, beans, meat, cheese, vegetable dressings pureed into a liquid add water to cream.
Green, yellow or red vegetable *
1 Glass of water

Sorry Cedric: Not everyone is Privileged with Health insurance. I went 22yrs with out it until Obama Care but that only lasted 2 yrs then the health care denied it and me! So I get to stay crazy with out meds and I get to lose weight the Easy way with out doctors telling me what I should and shouldn't do! LOL

  Angela Replied:

I have been on track since the middle of January and have seen a 23 loss. I have been following a walking exercise regime for about a month now with and average of about 45 minutes to one hour per day. I am still losing 1/2 pound per week but would like to see closer to a pound a week.

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