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Personality traits and obesity linked!


Personality traits play an important role both as risk as well as protective factors in the development of overweight and obesity. While thus in particular 'neuroticism', 'impulsivity' and 'sensitivity to reward' appear as risk factors, 'conscientiousness' and 'self'Écontrol' have been shown to have a protective function in relation to weight gain. Conscientiousness is a measure of regulation of internal urges and self'Édiscipline, and may thus provide a potential source of control over impulsive reward'Éoriented behavior.

What is needed to solve this overweight on obesity is simple but hard to teach un-self-disciplined younger youth and older adults who never grasped the concept of such as measures for strengthening self'Écontrol skills. We have found it true to be said, Old Dogs can't learn new tricks!~

However in the last 10yrs since computers/cellphones we have found more willing older adults are more likely to succeed for this is their only social group and they do not want to let others down an as though a child does not like to let a parent down. The good news is this no matter what research has created obesity is still alive and it will take ones own self-control to diminish his or hers own weight. Why one all of a sudden feels the "Self-Worth" does not matter what matters is one chooses to take action and stick to it~

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