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So tired! No excuses.


From Facebook Beck Solution page. So what I needed to read today.

Wednesday Sabotage: I'm exhausted but I'm at work so I can't sleep. I'll eat to give me energy.
Response: Even though I feel exhausted, it doesn't mean I can't push through and still get my work done. If I eat every time I feel tired, it's likely I won't be able to lose weight. Which would I rather be: Overweight AND tired, or just tired?

I will stay strong and earn my green dot today.

  Lyn Replied:

This is a good one to keep in mind!

  Cedric Replied:

Your body can build tolerance to coffee in only one to four days. That "perk" you feel when you have coffee in the morning? That's because you've just been through *withdrawl*. It's the same reaction to getting any drug your body now wants.

I think coffee is fine once in awhile, but realize that your body builds tolerance to it quickly.

  Sharron (Slimrider) Replied:

This IS a good one, I'm "doing" the Beck diet trap solution again and this has given me a great new Reminder card, thanks kc x

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

It's so true and a good reminder to push through.

  kc Replied:

Ug Friday. I am going to be working that "resistance muscle" big time today.

  jenny Replied:

Hope you are doing well, you can do it.

  Cindy H. Replied:

One suggestion is to do a quick exercise in your office. I have been doing a single plank and trying to hold it for as long as possible. Amazing how much that gets the blood going again after I've been dragging! Plank Time!

  kc Replied:

Great idea Cindy!

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