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5 Easy Ways to Revive Your Motivation and Keep it: Linda Spangle


Things that will help me exercise every day:
Set alarm one hour earlier
'? Lay out exercise clothes the night before
'? Put water bottle in refrigerator so it's ready to grab
'? Use self-talk from the minute I wake up
'? Check tires on bike before going to bed
'? Ride bike only six blocks the first time
'? Join the health club that's nearby
'? Hire a personal trainer
'? Set up a reward system with a buddy
'? Download new music to listen to while exercising
Ways my weight is affecting me:
'? I feel miserable all of the time
'? I worry about my health
'? My feet and legs ache a lot
'? I'm embarrassed around my friends
'? It's hard to exercise
'? I can't wear nice clothes
'? I avoid going out in public
'? Theater seats are uncomfortable
'? I'm self-conscious about my looks
'? Self-esteem is non-existent
Life is Hard, Food is Easy by Linda Spangle

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The opinions expressed on this forum may not represent the opinions of Please consult your physician to determine the weight, nutrition and exercise levels that are best for you.