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7 Exercises: That Burn More Calories Than walking/jogging/running - 347calories


1. Indoor stationary bike: Approximately 852 calories per hour (same)
2. Cross-country skiing: Approximately 850 calories per hour 270lb= 2467 Calories Burned
3. Rowing: Approximately 816 calories per hour/ 270lb= 1850 Calories Burned
4. Jumping rope: Approximately 802 calories per hour / 270lb= 2055 Calories Burned
5. Kickboxing: Approximately 700 calories per hour / 270lb= 1439 Calories Burned
6. Swimming: Approximately 680 calories per hour / 270lb = 1233 Calories Burned
7. Outdoor bicycling: Approximately 680 calories per hour / 270lb= 822 Calories Burned

  Angela Replied:

True enough but if walking is all you are physically capable of it is enough! For me the exercise that I actually DO burns the most calories so...walking it is! Keep up the good fight!

  Rjaatt Replied:

Angela: Keep on Walking!
I am limited to walking, the stationary bike/glider, weights, yoga mat and a jump rope, that is what I have the ability to use. When your 270lbs the options are limited unless you have that $$$ for a gym. I don't so I will use what I have.

  Lyn Replied:

For me walking is almost a meditative state, it has as many mental benefits as it does physical. I guess really any exercise can be like that as long as you don't have to convince yourself to keep doing it the whole time, which I used to have to do with walking. LOL

  Rjaatt Replied:

I think one's a person realizes how much calories can be burned when they are extremely over weight Like I am. There is more hope and more wiliness to want to try a new activity. Doing the same thing day in and day out makes your body become stagnate to the fitness regime. But when you explore new options and realize the benefit they can offer you in your weight-loss program it is encouraging to know the numbers and the so called options. I think the information I have given, might just inspire another to take a leap of faith and try something "NEW". Who Know's they just might love one of these options. The idea is to open up to new things!

  Claire Replied:

I love walking , some days I can walk for hours

  Rjaatt Replied:

Thanks Claire: Keep on Walking Ladies. ...

I just got up at 4am and walked 2.5 miles this morning, the big and small dipper was dancing, no birds singing again? Odd! but the Dogs made up for it. Uphill, uphill then jog down hill, [Do the box]. I go on a map and then I look to see "1mile, 2mile, 3mile, 4mile, and 5mile walks. Even though I get lost 99.9% of the time at least I tried to map it out. Keep on walking/or jogging Ladies!

  Rjaatt Replied:

How Many Calories Are Burned Doing a Richard Simmons Workout for 30 Minutes?
155 pounds, you burn approximately 205 calories with 30 minutes with disco dancing.
the twist, you burn approximately 223 calories in a half hour.
160-pound person burns approximately 261 calories in 30 minutes.
180 pounds, expect to burn 294 calories in 30 minutes.
260lb (ME), expet to burn ( 728 Calories Burned in 35min)
300lb pound, expect to burn ( 885 Calories Burned in 30min)

I have been so afraid that if I work out this heart, I will have a "STROKE" or God for Bid a Heart attack. . YES! Fear! What if something happens to me who will take care of my children? I'm a single mother! Later in life! What if something happens to me who will take care of my grandchild while my adlut daughter is at work? OMG! FEAR ONCE AGAIN, has created a Image in my brain that if I work out I will DIE! I blame this on TV and SCIENTISTS!

I am still alive, just like when I went outside walking, I didn't die, nothing happened except I had a wonderful time, and just now I had so much fun dancing with Richie Baby that the 2hour workout was a blast it brought me back to a time of fun and laughter in the 80's and 90 when fitness went crazy. Like Jazzercise my fav.

Did having kids some how make me worry so much that I took all the fun out of my life and created a world just for them? YES! That is what I did, I stopped my life and gave them a life of their own. I had to be the "PROVIDER" and what if something would happen to me? then who would take care of my children. I just found the BIGGEST KEY EVERY!

  Nutmeg Replied:

I love biking. It's the only exercise that feels fun, doesn't bother my joints, and puts me ina great mood. I think part of why I like it is it brings back that first feeling of independence when I was a kid. My first set of wheels, transportation to visit friends not in my immediate neighborhood and my first vacation without my parents or a school chaperone was when I went on RAGBRAI a week long bike ride across Iowa when I was 17. As long as it's over 35 and less than 12 mph wind I bike 20 miles after work. I love biking in the winter because not many people are on the trail do I can sing at the top of my lungs if I want and very few people ever hear me and those that do just smile. I didn't get to bike last weekend because it was supper windy, cold and it snowed but I put my bike on my car tonight so I can go directly to the trail after work tomorrow. Yippee!

  Rjaatt Replied:

Nutmeg you are LOVED! that was wonderful, thank you for sharing this,

  Rjaatt Replied:

In January I was 300lbs, Feb 290lbs, March 278lb, April 258lb so far, I have only 8lb to hit my (short term goal) 8lb seems like nothing, but I will have to make another short term goal I am doing 20lb at a time. so my next will be 250lb to 220lb. I had originally set it for 278lb to 163lb but it was too overwhelming for me and I was taught that short term is better then long-term. I am now encouraged to want to lose weight, before I kept putting it off, I look at food and I gain weight. so now all my food is cooked for the week, I open up a Mason Jar and everything I need is in them. To hydrate my body, to nourish my soul and best of all to make me sweet!

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