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SYD: Tech Support (time stamp on journals) (SLEEP Graphs)


On behalf of my self, I would like you to add a "Time Stamp" on the "Diet Journal". Because I lose time, I keep trying to add it myself but because of Alzheimer. I keep forgetting. If every entry had a "Time Stamp" This would help many people including myself to not be so compulsive.

Next, Sleep goes along with Dieting: You have plenty of room to add a "SLEEP" Tab! by making the sleep tab [every morning / day] with stars or moons or lambs; "Goes to sleep", and "Wakes up". login the time, [wake up 4am, sleep 7:30pm] Frown face- Happy face- Confused face- for bad night, good night, woke up too many times night. Adding in a Pie Graph and Competition "Who got the best sleep".


Pie Chart C2 sleep quality (copy-paste) You might be able to create something in this sense. Some people take Naps, so add that into this graph. My normal hours are 4am to 7:30pm and sometimes a nap at 2pm to 3 pm.

But if one does not have the right amount of sleep one does not feel like exercising. they are exhausted all day long. Now that the Air Conditioning is on and my window is shut and blinds are drawn to keep the heat out. I find my sleeping schedule has gone out of wack! For some who live in cold area's they don't want to get out of that warm bed and will over sleep.

see what you can do! Thanks

  Jean Replied:

  Lyn Replied:

You can manually enter any item you want and save it to your favorites so it will always be there and easy to find! Just click on the Manually Enter Item link...

  Rjaatt Replied:

Thank you, I have just spent the day doing this: Thank you so much I am sure it will help, I will do that manually I just looked into that. Thanks so much for the advice. Thanks.

  Gwen Replied:

You would be amazed Rjaatt how helpful people are on this site!

  Claire Replied:

I Like this, summer is coming and its getting warmer, getting to sleep at night is big problem and need the AC every night to keep cool. Getting outside and walking becomes a big problem

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