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ODAT Monday April 9, 2018

Jeanne- CE!

Monday, Monday, Loves! What are you hoping to have happen today?

I will be Clean Lean Jeanne no matter what, focus on gratitude and peace, be all in wherever I am, enjoy a date night with Gary.

  Rjaatt Replied:

ODAT 2, Restart!

  Lyn Replied:

So far so good, it is going to continue to be a great day!

  Shelly Replied:

Today is my one week anniversary. So far, so good.

  Lyn Replied:

Happy anniversary Shelly! Great to see you on here!

  Rjaatt Replied:

Enjoy that date night with Gary! My Gary is in heaven. You are very Lucky! I hope you know that! Gary's only come around once in a life time, at least for me it did. Have the most wonderful time tonight!
Welcome Shelly! You will love it here. ... Also Lyn your the best!

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