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ODAT Saturday May 26, 2018

Jeanne- CE!

Warm Greetings to one and all! Waddup, Buttercup?

I will be Clean Lean Jeanne no matter what; live in the world of what IS vs. what if, as Gary and I leave the loving environment of Bob's place to navigate my sister and her family for a day trip; keep my inner peace by practicing emotional neutrality and non reaction; breathe deeply and smile.

  Lyn Replied:

Today my youngest graduates from high school. Wow, I can't even believe it. None of my babies are babies anymore! I will eat as close to the earth as possible and maybe....maybe will try and do a little yoga although I am not sure I can handle that quite yet. Vertigo is mostly gone but still some residual motion sickness. I found info on yoga for vertigo but I'm just not sure about that...LOL It is going to be a great day!
You've got this Jeanne. &

  Diane Replied:

Today we go to a neighborhood party... I don't really live in a subdivision, just a one way in one out road but it is my next door neighbor. I am cleaning house, going through stuff at a pace I can handle, doing my stretches and planking and intentional walking.

Jeanne, you have this..... Ignore any negativity and focus on the good. I hope and pray you have a good positive visit.

  walk4140 Replied:

Lots of good things done around the house today. Stayed on plan. Tried a new food, tuna steak, and lovec it. Good sleep last night. Drank to my water goal.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

All things considered, it went well today. We are now safely back in Bob's nest. Thanks for the encouragement.�'-

  Lyn Replied:

Glad to hear it Jeanne! I am feeling good, the car ride went well, I almost feel normal again. As if I was ever normal in the first place. haha

  Diane Replied:

Jeanne, so glad it went well. Enjoy your visit. Lyn, hope your Sunday is better... Walk4140, I am getting things done too or trying to..way to go

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