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2nd Short Goal Accomplished since March! I made 230 Today!


Diet Plan Details
Calories Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar Protein Sodium
Nutrition: 600 20g 85g 10g 5g 25g 2300mg
Exercise: 1260 minutes of exercise for the week
Goal Weight: 230 lbs. Goal Pace: lose 3 pounds per week
Weight Goals: 8 active weight goals
Daily Water: 14 servings (8 oz.) totaling 112 oz. per day

3rd Goal 200lbs. just 30lbs at a time! I have not seen this weight since 2010 So I am looking forward to Fitting in some cloths of mine I have not been in; in 8 yrs. I still have a long way's to go but when I get to this I will have lost 87lbs..since March 22. But my New Years Resolution was January when I weighed 327lbs So when I reach 200lbs I will have lost 127lbs. I am hopping for August 2018 or September. Either way it doen't mater when I reach it as long as I reach it this year.

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