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100 More Days


Is this really a different book or just a way to go back over the 100 days? Your thoughts?

  Lyn Replied:

Hi Karen! Nice to see you!

  cheryl Replied:

I have both books, they are different but the same concept. I like them both, my plan is to finish 100 more then go back and reread 100 days and so on. It keeps me motivated.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

It's different and is under the Motivation menu. I haven't gone through the 100 More Days yet, but I'm sure there are some gems in there!

  Gwen Replied:

Hard to tell if they are different simply because it is a wee while since I went through the original book. I am one third of the way through 100 More days on plan and enjoying it, finding it stimulating nad making me think.

  cheryl Replied:

Hi Karen, are you going threw the book? If so which one are you doing?

I'm on day 31 today, in the 100 more days book is anyone else using the book, are you close to day 31? I'd like a buddy to do it with maybe?

  Char Replied:

1 am on day 3 of 100 more book (just finished the first 100 day book)

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