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Daily "Life Hacks" 06/24/2018

Time Out (Alex)

Meal-prep your lunch

People who brown bag their lunch can lower their BMI, per research published in the International Journal of Obesity. Eating six or more takeout meals a week leads to a higher body mass index and less good cholesterol. Portion sizes may be to blame.

  Time Out (Alex) Replied:

If I don't bring my lunch to work, I feel lost. I love having everything planned, it's less stressful for me.

  Lyn Replied:

It does feel better to be in control of your own food.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Absolutely! I basically have healthy food choices on me at all times, and it's not that hard! These days when we are away from home, we try to stay in vacation rentals that have kitchens. We make a grocery run, and usually just eat dinners out. I almost never have a gain when I return home, and if I do, it falls back into place quickly.

  Gwen Replied:

I have learned that going away without having access to a kitchen invariably means I go off plan. Planning my lunch ahead is the best thing to do!

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