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One Day At A Time Sunday 6/24/18

Jeanne- CE!

Warm greetings to Precious Ones! How is this one day looking for you?

I will be Clean Lean Jeanne no matter what! Today is scheduled to be rainy here, so we will start by popping in on the local church; then we'll mill around the town, do what we can outdoors not too far up any mountains, and just enjoy where we are. It is beautiful here!

  kc Replied:

Packing packing packing. We ordered a 40 cubic yard dumpster. I thought it was way bigger than we would need but it is the only size that has one end open so we can walk the big stuff in rather than lift it over our heads to dump it. I not sure that a 65 year old (me) and 70 year old (hubby) could get a couch up and over the 6 ft side. Now, I am not sure we won't need 2 of these behemoth dumpsters. Sheesh, what hoarders we have been!

Keeping it Keto.
Drinking a gallon of water-it is supposed to be 105 today!

Stay strong all. Work that resistance muscle!

  Lyn Replied:

I love rainy days Jeanne!
Feels good letting go of things like that doesn't it kc!

Back home! Now we have to unload and put everything away but we had a great weekend. I am so happy to be home though. Did not eat well and I can tell by how tight my rings are. I am ready to detox and clean it up and get back to regular exercise. We have had a busy streak and things should slow down a little now. (that is not a challenge to the universe to stir things up...!) We actually decided not to have our traditional 3rd of July party this year so that we can have a little down time. It is going to be a great day!

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Keep up the good work, kc! Just from having my bathroom in the process of a remodel, it makes me want to go through everything and simplify even more! Lyn, you always get back in the groove, and this time will be no different! Sounds like it was worth it; sometimes, it just is!

I love chatting with locals when we travel (Lyn, I picture you as a little turtle who just tucked her head back in lol!) and one of them pointed me to a great workout apparel store away from the touristy t-shirt and ice cream shop part of town, and it was FABulous! Last night at dinner, a couple of guys were doing some live jazz and were pretty good, so of course I chatted them up as well. One of them had lived in the Dallas area and we had some of the same musician acquaintances! Anniversary dinner is tonight at our lodge. Tomorrow is the real day, but we're getting out in the mountains again.

  Lyn Replied:

You know me so well Jeanne! My little brother is just like you, sometimes I wonder how we are even related. LOL I am glad you are having such a great time, I love hearing about your adventures! Enjoy your anniversary dinner!

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