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Kate has been on my mind for several weeks now. She indicated on her last post that she expected to be back in a couple of weeks. That was on April 3 when she was leaving for NYC to her daughter's. Has anyone heard from her?

  Lyn Replied:

I have not. I worry about her.

  Gwen Replied:

I keep looking at her blog to see if there is any sign of her. I've sent a few messages but nothing so far. I do look forward to the day she is able to be back with us. I could not imagine SYD without Kate!

  Diane Replied:

I miss Kate so much. I always looked forward to reading her blog. I pray she is ok.

  GiGi Replied:

She is in Hawaii...or on her way...she also has been traveling here and there. I'm so glad that she is able to get up and go...

  kc Replied:

Gigi, so glad you have contact with her. I have been so worried about her. Prayers are answered.

  Diane Replied:

Gigi, so glad you have heard and know she is doing good and traveling.

  Sandy Replied:

Good to hear about her. I too have been checking on her and wondering if she is okay. Thanks Gigi.

  ThulzTheThriver! Replied:

That's really good to hear, I've been so worried about her.
SYD has never been the same since she left

  Lyn Replied:

She does leave a big void. I miss her but am so glad to hear she is traveling.

  Sonja Replied:

Kate is a wonderful person! I'm not a big blogger and the past year was tough for me, but Kate has been a great friend and encourager. Glad to know she's out and having fun. Thanks for the update!

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