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I am starting again


I turned 65 yesterday, and I have decided to really put some serious effort into losing weight.
I am now retired, so really have no excuse. Look forward to meeting lots of like minded friends.
Have a great Monday.


  Diane Replied:

Welcome and I am putting forth more effort than I have been. Here's to a great Monday.

  Lyn Replied:

Welcome Cathy! I am trying to buckle down and get to it myself. Glad to see you on the boards!

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Nice to see you here Cathy, welcome!

  Gwen Replied:

Welcome to SYD Cathy!

  Peggy Replied:

Hi Cathy... I just returned from my 18 day Retirement/70th birthday trip. And thanks to new habits I only gained two tenth of a pound! Thank you SYD! You can check my blog for pictures. I hope you are helps.

  Cathy Replied:

I am going to really try and stick to this plan - we are going on a cruise in December, and I hope to lose some serious weight before we go. Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping the willpower lasts.
My down fall is spicy snacks. Staying away for that aisle in the store

  Anna Replied:

Welcome Cathy! I am seriously trying too! On again off again but I am making an effort to make an effort. Believe it or not, Linda's magic notebook idea is working for me. I have a tiny notebook that I can carry in my purse and whenever I feel the need to eat what I am choosing not to eat (should I say anything sugar) I write it in my book under the date. Yesterday I went to a bakery, a grocery store and a convenience store and did not stray. I kept thinking about the other entries and how I made it through. Its only day 4 but hopefully we will all get there together. Take Care

  Cathy Replied:

Hi Anna, I hear - although now retired, the weekends are the hardest, especially when you are going out all the time - this is my first weekend - we always have pizza on Friday - and Saturday we are going out for dinner - so time will tell.

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