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One Day At A Time Wednesday 7/4/18

Jeanne- CE!

Happy Day, Feisty Firecrackers! What's on the agenda for you today?

I will be Clean Lean Jeanne no matter what; hang out at home most of the day, alternating between fun and adulting; plan and prep for upcoming travels; walk to fireworks display that is remotely visible right from my neighborhood.

  Lyn Replied:

We are lucky enough to be able to see fireworks from our house in all directions, we are rural and from our deck can see St. Louis and dozens of city shows all around. It is pretty cool. Today I will keep it clean, do the yoga I never did yesterday, relax and enjoy hanging out with my family, and nurture my one dog who is terrified of fireworks! It is going to be a great day!

  kc Replied:

I need to go get more boxes again. Then it will be packing and feeding Godzilla. That is what we have named our 40 cubic yard dumpster. 'It's big. It's terrible.' Said in Raymond Burr's dead pan voice. We are also feeding Smog anything that can be burned.

  Lyn Replied:

You are working so hard kc!

  kc Replied:

Well work 2 hours read one. Lots of breaks. But oh my do I have a lot of stuff. Back porch tomorrow. What will i find buried among the detritus.

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