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One Day At A Time Saturday 7/7/18

Jeanne- CE!

Heeey Beautiful! What's in your Saturday of real life wellness?

I am in my home town of Tiffin, Ohio, and will be Clean Lean Jeanne no matter what! So far so good with the childhood friend reunion. Planning to explore the town by day and getting together with a larger group tonight. Live well and BE well!

  Lyn Replied:

Enjoy your day Jeanne! Today I will try and just enjoy the day and not be too hard on myself. It is going to be a great day!

  kc Replied:

Jeanne hope you have a fabulous visit!
Lyn, Thanks to your blog, I had to visit amazon.
Me, my challenge for the day is to stay hydrated as we are packing trailer in 100+ heat!

  Diane Replied:

Got in my water and did some decluttering.

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