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Weight Loss Total (lbs.) by Lyn


I joined this competition a while back and my name is listed but I can't figure out what to "do" on it and my weight loss is showing zero when I've actually lost 9lbs, can anyone help please?

  Lyn💛 Replied:

It started on Jan. 1 so it will go from the weight you have entered on that day. If you have lost 9 pounds from whatever your starting weight was on Jan 1 then something is wrong and you can let Admin, know and they are good about fixing things. For me, I have lost all kinds of weight, it just so happens that I also gained a bunch so I am still above my starting weight and I show a zero. I hope that helps! You can buddy chat me if you want. And congrats on the 9 pounds!

  Cheryl Replied:

Oh, I just figured it out - duh ... I have to be doing the diet for 111 days and I've only got 66 days so far, 45 days to go, see you on the graph at end of September ...

  Lyn💛 Replied:

You can go back in and fill in missing days to get above the line but even if you are below the line, if you have a loss it should show. Maybe check and see what your weight was on Jan 1.

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