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Something New - For Me Anyway!


On every other diet I've tried, and I can assure you there have been oh! so many of them, I have struggled a LOT with hunger and cravings. Since going on the Keto Diet (more recently Keto/Carnivore), I haven't had one single craving, nor have I experienced that gnawing hunger. It truly amazes me. I've also been a stress eater (physical, emotional - didn't matter, I'd want to eat!). And, since starting Keto in June, I've had a considerable amount of stress - mostly physical due to a nasty fall about a week after I started Keto. This was followed by more issues that the doctors haven't quite yet determined if they are related to the fall or something different. Anyway, summer is slipping away as I'm mostly stuck on my couch with my legs elevated ! But, through it all, never once have I even considered turning to food for "comfort". This is a puzzle for me, but I'm very, very grateful that this is the case! Thankyou Keto! Anyone else who is following Keto experienced this?

  Gwen Replied:

Joan, you need even more congratulations for losing all that weight without being able to exercise much. That is truly fantastic.

I have experienced a total reduction in cravings and now walk past food I used to be well and truly hooked on! It is miraculous in my opinion. Also I know being low carb and burning fat instead of glucose, is an appetite suppressant so it is a win-win situation. I would never have thought that I could ever have such long periods of time without cravings and to feel perfectly satisfied on less food consumption.

  Joan Replied:

It is miraculous, isn't it Gwen! To think of all those years we spent trying to "white-knuckle" our way through diets with all their accompanying cravings and hunger, when the solution was so simple! If only we had known!

  Cheryl Replied:

Yes, same for me. Truly Amay-Zing!

  Gwen Replied:

...exactly...if only we had known!

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