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Keto and Low-Carbers!

Jeanne- CE!

I know there are several of you who have gone that direction and love it. I am planning to do a month of Keto- or at least some form of LCHF for the month of September. I have excellent resources (here especially!), and my chofam Dr. Tim- who is my holistic chiropractor and nutritionist- is going to do it with me. I am maintaining a healthy weight, so my approach is to assess this plan from a functional standpoint. I will also have to be creative in my choices, as I am not a big meat eater, and do not use stevia or any of the sugar alcohol-based sweeteners. Looking forward to the adventure! Would anyone care to join me and compare notes? It's just for a month, starting with just one day

  Lyn💛 Replied:

Funny, I am naturally gravitating toward that right now. I'm not saying I will eat full on keto but looking at what my body is craving right now, it's pretty much vegetarian keto. It probably won't last more than a week. LOL And I think you meant to say LCHF up there...

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:


  Gwen Replied:

I can commit to the month of September in keto and do my best with it.

@Jeanne how I would love to have a nutritionist to support us in our keto/LCHF efforts.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Awesome, Gwen! You are the resident expert, and I already have many ideas from your posts; thank you! How do you count your carbs? There are so many charts out there. Dr. Tim will have info also, that I will share as I learn more.

  Gwen Replied:

I always counted net carbs (that is total carbs minus fibre) until about two months ago and I have changed to total carbs. The reason for this is there may be a hormonal response to the fibre so I just made the change. All different people give plausible views on whether or not it should be net or carb. I say, you choose. There are pros and cons of both. Whatever works, then go for it.

Now for TMI - i got completely constipated when I went onto 20g total carbs and resolved it with flax seeds or psyllium seed husks. I count everything as a total carb count except my flax. I ignore I am having the flax actually in terms of carb counts. It works for me but I know is a serious tweak which is why I mention it. Tweaks are exactly what we should be doing as we know our own bodies. Low carb is a great adventure!

It will be brilliant to learn from Dr Tim and everyone else on SYD. Looking forward to September because we are away three weeks during that month and being away from home needs extra support. Worse still, we won't have regular internet access so I will be out on a limb, literally. However, my intention is to stick with keto whilst away!

  Joan Replied:

I would commit to Keto for the month of September, but there is one "glitch". I've been doing Keto since the beginning of June, and am now doing a month of Carnivore. After the month of Carnivore is done it is my plan to do Keto/Carnivore from there on. I don't know for sure if I will alternate weeks, months, or just whatever works out at any given time. So, since I will be doing Carnivore part way in to September, I can't commit to all of September doing Keto! But I certainly encourage anyone contemplating Keto to give it a try - it is such a good way of eating for so many of us!

  Gwen Replied:

Joan, what is Carnivore? I haven't heard of it. Thanks!

  Denise Replied:

Kate used to do follow the Atkins. She would have some good ideas. I see she hasn't blogged since April. Has anyone heard from her or Pinky?

  Joan Replied:

Gwen, Carnivore is where you cut the carbs to near zero. You only eat meat, poultry, fish/seafood and eggs. And, if you can tolerate dairy, full fat cheese, full fat plain yogurt, and 35% whipping cream. When I first heard about Carnivore I thought "no way! that sounds to radical!" but I researched it quite a bit and decided to give it the recommended one month trial and, so far, I really like it. I think incorporating some Carnivore in with the Keto could be a life-long way to eat!

  Gwen Replied:

Kate was the one who slowly and surely 'taught' me that low carb was the way forward. I owe her a lot. Kate had the great loss of her partner in April. I have no up to date news of Pinky/Pinkdream.

  Gwen Replied:

Carnivore sounds very interesting. Thanks for the info Joan.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Denise, if you click on the message board search at the top left and search kate, it will show you the threads that will catch you up. I just communicated with Pink this week on FB messenger. She is doing well, and super busy. I miss people when they go away!

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Gwen, I love that you mentioned tweaking the plan to suit our individual and wonderfully made bodies! We certainly do not have to all do the same thing, just what we really need. As I get into this keto trial, I plan to constantly make little adjustments that will work for my situation physically, mentally, and emotionally. So feel free to follow whatever your plan is, share it, and enjoy the support and the learning adventure for a month!

  Gwen Replied:

How many folk have committed to this I wonder. Hugs to all no matter what plan you follow. We all have to do what is right for ourselves and there is no doubt we are all different.

  Alicia Replied:

I'm committing to being KETO in September!

  Cheryl Replied:

Me & Hubby 13 weeks on Keto, Low Carb, he's lost all he needs to & I've still got a little ... ways to go. Love the food choices, lots of fun ... have lost about 11lbs. Love Cheesecake!

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