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Is your HEMC in Check?


Just felt i should share this here

When I'm not indulging in unconsciousness, I do this quick thing where I check in with myself at different times of the day. I ask myself Is your HEMC in CHECK?

HEMC is short for Hunger, Energy, Mood and Cravings. In fact, you can assess how you feel on ANY eating plan using this and you'll intuitively know if it's working and sustainable or not.
I give myself a score out of 10 on each of these. If everything is going wel then preferably Hunger and Cravings are on the low side and Energy and Mood on the high side. For example, H 2, E 7, M 7, C 0

If you're getting results but constantly battling hunger, then sooner or later you'll cave and worse of all, start beating yourself up

If you're getting results but are constantly snappy and irritable, that might also be an indication that something is not working.

Sometimes we eat something that is very healthy in general but does not work for us specifically. For example, if I eat certain fruit in the morning, I'm bound to crash 2 hours later whereas if I have eggs and cruciferous veggies, I can go all day.

Then there's the handful of nuts! Some people can do the handful, me personally I tend to go nuts on nuts so they trigger cravings for me. When I do eat them, I have to be prepared to eat them as a meal rather than try to limit them to a snack.

  Lyn💛 Replied:

This is great Thulz, thanks for sharing! I'm going to try and remember to check in with myself like this.

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Love it!

  Gwen Replied:

Really helpful Thulz!

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