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Hi everyone, how are you doing?


Just pop in a line here to let us know how you are doing. It will only take a couple of minutes.

Or write a line in your blog.

Whatever, it would be great to hear your news!

  Lyn💛 Replied:

i am ok. it's been a rough week and i have let it get me off track a bit but tomorrow i will be back home and will not let this continue. all in all, life is good.

  shirl Replied:

Enjoying the site. Yes life is good.

  Cathy Replied:

The site is great, and yes I was doing great till last night when a had a huge parmigiana dinner, which put me over my calories and showed up as a weight gain this morning. Today is another day, back to it.

  Gwen Replied:

As you say Cathy, back to it! That is what works, instead of keeping eating mindlessly!

  Jeanne- CE! Replied:

Hi everyone, and thanks for asking, Gwen! All's pretty well here. I am maintaining my healthy goal weight range, and being mindful of rotating my wellness checkpoints such as squeaky clean eating, exercise, hydration, rest and down time, decluttering; and the things that make my heart sing such as spending time with loved ones, practicing music, and refining my amateur chef skills.

Live well and BE well- One Day At A Time

  Cathy Replied:

Good Morning Ladies, let's not be to hard on ourselves, but stay the course.

  Gwen Replied:

@Jeanne. I do love your phrase 'things that make my heart sing'. That is precious!

  Cathy Replied:

I hope everyone has a great day today.

  Diane Replied:

I am doing well, trying to get back into the school routine. It is hard.

  Gwen Replied:

Great to hear how some of us are doing!

I seem to have done a good amount of exercise today. Time to stop!

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